Have a virtual visit to the Bauhaus with Harvard’s collection


Bauhaus, for the uninitiated, was a German art school that unfortunately closed its doors back in 1933. It was home to thousands of paintings, sculptures, photos and other various artifacts created by artists studying everything from architecture to graphic design.

While the school itself is no longer in operation, you can still peruse artwork you would have found there with Harvard’s massive collection of over 32,000 pieces of art available online for you to browse through at your convenience.

The artwork collection is a worthy tribute to the art school, which will be celebrating its 100th anniversary coming in 2019. Harvard Art Museum’s comprehensive look at the school features drawings and photographs as well as an essay about the school’s impact on the design world. You can also access a map of where you can see physical versions of some of the Bauhaus works in real life in Boston from the very same platform.

Check out the collection and get your daily quota of culture in for the day.