How Much is a Life Worth? A NEVERDIE Coin is the answer.

NEVERDIE and Lord British introduce NEVERDIE Coins and Teleport tokens

Richard Lord British Garriott and Jon NEVERDIE Jacobs

How much is a life worth? That is the central question of the NEVERDIE Coin ICO which will close in just 24 hrs having already raised the not too shabby sum of 15,000 ether worth appx $3,000,000 USD.

So, what is a life worth?  Not a lot if you consider how freely gamers die when playing video games. In the 1980’s you could buy 3 lives to play Space Invaders or Asteroids for a quarter, by that reckoning a life is worth appx 8 cents. If you had 8 cents for every time a gamer lost a life across all video games since 1980 how much would you have?  Jon NEVERDIE Jacobs offers what he calls a conservative calculation; 1 Billion Gamers x 10 Lives per day x 365 Days per Year x 37 Years. NEVERDIE believes that you could use 20% of that total number to underwrite the intrinsic value of virtual goods with the NEVERDIE Coin and Teleport token to create a trillion-dollar virtual goods economy that would support a nation of gamers and a billion gamified jobs.

NEVERDIE is the President of Virtual Reality, an unpaid position he says he took to combat the threat AI poses to the global job market. “We need to create new jobs and to do that we need to create a new economy where humans will not become redundant. Regardless of how smart AI becomes we don’t need it to play our games for us, so that is the economy I want to focus on developing”

NEVERDIE is no longer alone in championing this vision, he recently partnered with Richard “Lord British” Garriott, the Iconic game developer and Astronaut who practically launched the entire PC game and MMORPG industry with his successful Ultima Series and the landmark Ultima Online.

Garriott plans to introduce the NEVERDIE Coin and Teleport token into his new game “Shroud of the Avatar”, while NEVERDIE is awarding coins in the MMOWC an e-sports tournament currently hosted in ROCKtropia, a virtual world developed by NEVERDIE Studios on the Entropia Universe platform.

With the Proceeds from the ICO, NEVERDIE plans to develop API’s and smart contracts to allow countless games and worlds to connect using the interoperable NEVERDIE Coin and Teleport tokens on the Ethereum Blockchain.

A grand vision and if anyone can pill it off, then perhaps two of the most famous avatars in the world; Jon NEVERDIE Jacobs and Richard “Lord British’ Garriott can.

Jon NEVERDIE Jacobs - The First President of Virtual Reality

Jon NEVERDIE Jacobs – The First President of Virtual Reality