Weekend Watch: Agents of Mayhem and Observer


Agents of Mayhem

This isn’t exactly the follow up to Saint’s Row that fans were expecting but I’ve played a good chunk of it so far, and it is quite fun. I mean, I haven’t beaten anyone to death with a sex toy yet, but I’m still enjoying myself. It’s certainly a more grounded tone than the last few Saints titles. Which, yeah, I get that isn’t saying much. I’d place it somewhere between Saints Row 2 and 3 on the zanyness scale.


This next game is one that I’m going to be able to play. Even with the lights on. I can’t do scary games. Can. Not. But if you’re into atmospheric, cyberpunk horror games, then Observer will likely be right up your alley.

Well, that’s it, for now, Attackers, check back next week for more must-play titles.

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